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I received my degree in Computer Science, Minor and Senior Thesis in Cognitive Science, Distributed Databases and Object Oriented Computing. My computer career has long past the days of being inspired by Information Technology alone. My IA/UX work has had its successes, a book I authored for Alder & Robin, published in N. America and the UK, My work on my "SmartFolders" technology was cited by Microsoft as Prior-Art in its Patents (there's more to that story unfortunately), and then in early 1997 I discovered FutureSplash (vector animation plug-in) and began developing in Macromedia Flash (Now Adobe Flash, FlashBuilder). Flash was the re-ignition of my early creative energies. In 1999 I attended The PRATT Institute for an Autodesk Certification in 3DS Max. I spent the early 2000's doing Flash Animation and later Action Script 3.0 and MXML in FLEX. In 2008 I was interested in Animation Mentor but at the time the fee was just under 20k. However, recently I became involved in Unity3D Mobile-Social game development (last years top titles in the Apple App Store were built in Unity3D) doing C# scripting. It was with my use of Unity3D (which is a way through the iPad lock-out of Flash; along with Html5, Css3, Javascript and WebGL) and my C# scripting work that I became interested in the use of Maya, especially since I loved its Polygon method of modeling. I am currently a Student with Animation Mentor, thankful to have been accepted and able to afford to get in (I live by the credo/mantra ~ love your job, the money won't make you happy, but can be a pleasant side effect to making life a little easier). While taking my intro class, I am trying to find a Unity3D Game Developer position in the Bay Area so I can be close to Animation Mentor as I wish to take all the classes over the next 2 years, as I continue to work on some unique approaches to mobile-social 3D game development; something that I have researched in my spare time for some 5 years or so now.

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