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Insert gobs of incomprehensible delegate-heavy C# AI code here.

See my junk.

I was going to put a link to my Subversion repository here, but I decided I didn't want any more spiders and scripted attacks hitting my server than I already get. ;) If you want to see my code, feel free to ask me on the Unity IRC channel.

To do

If you can't see this image, it's still broken!
  • Fix image thumbnailing, which doesn't work for reasons of shell_exec() being disabled on the server. Here's a pretty test picture to remind me to do something about it:
  • Consider how file upload limitations should work. For everyone? Just for a specific group of users? Only by asking an administrator to upload it manually via FTP? Personally, I favour the latter, because it allows more quality control and better protection against abuse.
  • Fix the broken syntax highlighter to stop it from syntax highlighting random divs all over the wiki.

My links to stuff I can never find

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