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What I love about being a software developer

Firstly, every challenge can be everything between an exciting puzzle and a slam-your-head-into-your-desk-repeatedly nightmare. It’s a very diverse job with an inherent unpredictability, which I find very stimulating. There are of course many ways to be a good developer, but to me, and I’m sure many others see it this way, being both a designer and a programmer is the “golden mean”. In this position, we won’t be reading assembler code or developing on the Linux kernel anytime soon, but we can build a game or an application from the ground up, backend to frontend, including mechanics, layout and visuals. This position grants us a wide scope of the development process and a solid ground for making informed design decisions throughout the process.

Designing and organising my workflow, development process, code structure and asset library are other aspects of software creation that I regard very highly, as I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with optimisation and structure. I would regularly reorganise my toys and furniture as a kid, and later on I’d do the same to the documents on the family computer. This tendency has been pervasive throughout my life ans has helped me a great deal in developing software.

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