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Experienced in 3D interactive multimedia development, technical art, game engines & middleware, and computer graphics.

Diversified in fields of knowledge, understands technologies from very low to very high levels, and knows both technology and art.

Interested in technologies for PC/console/mobile/Web 3D games, especially in 3D graphics, physics, gameplay programming, and processor-based hardware.

Skills & Knowledge: All with a natural bias towards 3D graphics/physics/interactive multimedia: - C++/C#/MAXScript, working knowledge in Python - Game engines (Unreal/Unity) & middleware - Maya & 3ds Max scripting & C++ APIs - Visual Studio/Windows desktop development - Graphics APIs/Direct3D/OpenGL/shading languages - Understands game programming data structures/algorithms/design patterns/CPU & GPU parallelization/engine architecture - General knowledge in major mobile platforms and GNU Linux

Current targets: - Senior-level game engine technical artist - Game engine client programmer (gameplay/3D/physics) - Prefer Unity/Unreal, also accepts proprietary engines

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