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I grew up playing video games and wanting to draw comics. The year that the NES came out and the first kid in the neighborhood got Super Marion Bros. was a pivotal moment in my life. I always loved to read, but the richness of the world and "story" created in that game was so engaging just blew my mind. Despite my love for games, I had no interest in computers unless it was to play games until college when I took my first 3D modeling class and computers all of a sudden became much more intriguing to me. I stuck with 3D modeling and a little bit of web design for quite a while until I discovered Unity 3D a couple years back. The idea of being able to create my own games for free and with such a supportive community was just too exciting and ever since then I have been slowly but surely working toward becoming a competent programmer. I am thrilled to join this wiki community an learn from all the generous people who have been kind enough to donate their time and knowledge

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