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CEO and Lead Developer at We Are Bots (small and independant video game studio in France) Using Unity since 3.0

I prefer PC platform, but I worked on everything Unity has to offer.

Already released PC games : -Etherium (Tindalos Interactive) -Drift Into Eternity (We Are Bots) (alpha pre-release)

Number of mobile finished games but not-proud-enough-to-share-publicly : 4

I learned C# by myself, reading "C# for dummies" (or whatever the english title is, I'm french so my title was "Le C# pour les nuls") so my approach to programming is, I've seen it many times, really special. Sometimes in a good way, and maybe for some people it can be a bad thing. I like to believe that I'm creative enough to find easy solutions to hard problems, but then I can be very messy when solving tons of little bugs, patching over patching and loosing control of the beauty of the code. Fortunately, it's been many years now and I also like to believe experience is making me a good programmer now :)

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