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Standing Unity Bugs/Lackings

These are some of my current annoyances with Unity. The point of listing them here is so I can point to them when necessary and try and remember them all. These are not small glitches. These are issues that have been around for at least a full release cycle. Unity is a fine application made by fine people, but it's huge and difficult to keep track of in its entirety let alone support and add on to.

Description Category Misc.
No real Undo support. Lacking There is only Undo for limited things done in the Scene view.
Cancel button in asset settings reimports the model. Bug You can only avoid opening up the dialog. There is no workaround. This is a pain for large models which take some time to import.
Does not work with a different UI Resolution Bug The mouse picking isn't being scaled to the resolution properly. There is no workaround known.
There is no way to query a Font about its kerning. Lacking This is required for text wrapping of proportional fonts and many other things such as proper text input fields.
The Import Package dialog is very poor. Bug It does not display large packages in an appropriate manner. A scroll bar is needed at the minimum.
There is no good way to add a postprocessing script to builds. Lacking One has to manually reedit a script inside of Unity every time you update Unity right now.
There should be a good way to set application icons for Windows and Mac builds. Lacking Currently I use a custom build script to set up the application icon for Mac, but I'm stuck automation wise for the Windows build of my game.
Collaboration feature are lacking. Lacking There should be an assets server built in to Unity. Importing and Exporting packages takes a lot of training and coordination to use properly between even two people.
There is only one Unity window. Lacking It would be very useful to have multiple configurable editor windows. Unity used to have this.
There isn't a good way to set a build's startup dialog's splash image. Lacking Since Unity doesn't support non power of two images (as a design decision), the current solution doesn't work very well, as your image has to be larger than it needs to be.
The Scriptable Wizard dialog boxes are not resizable. (By design) Bug If you have a wizard that lets the user enter one Vector3, the dialog is sized extremely small and it is very difficult to enter the values properly. Something should be changed for this use case.
There isn't any way to differentiate between MyModel.obj and MyModel.fbx in the Project view Bug Perhaps Unity should have an option to show file extensions in the Project view.
It would be useful to be able to preview an audio file inside of Unity Feature A play and stop button could be placed in the Inspector when you have an audio file selected.
When I modify a plugin, I need to restart Unity for it to update. Bug This is really annoying when you are developing a plugin.
Unity inspector does not show arrays of enums. Lacking This is known, but it gets annoying.
Unity inspector does not show arrays of custom classes. Lacking This is know, but gets annoying and leaves code messier than it could be.
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