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Author: [[User:Mike|Michael Garforth]]
=='''Game loop'''==
The following all happens in a single loop, in the order specified
Physics does not necessarily run each time, and can run multiple times
===After an instantiation===
For objects that were instantiated '''last''' game loop iteration:
===Physics loop===
Physics is run in a loop, iterating over the following until physics has caught up to the current frame:
*Physics simulation
*'''WaitForFixedUpdate''' ''(Coroutines which yielded WaitForFixedUpdate will resume execution after the next physics iteration completes)''
===Update events===
The rest of the events are run once per game loop iteration:
*'''WaitForSeconds'''/'''yield'''/'''yield return 0''' ''(Coroutines which yielded one of these will resume execution here, with WaitForSeconds resuming after the defined time)''
*'''OnRenderImage''' ''(Pro only)''
*'''OnGUI''' ''(Called multiple times. Layout then Repaint events are called first, followed by a Layout and keyboard/mouse event for each input event)''
*'''OnDrawGizmos''' ''(Only when scene is drawn, even if object is inactive)''
===Before the frame ends===
*'''WaitForEndOfFrame''' ''(Coroutines which yielded WaitForEndOfFrame will resume execution before the next game loop finishes)''
=='''First scene load'''==
Repeated once per object:
*'''OnEnable''' ''(If the object is active)''
At the beginning of the next frame, per object:
=='''After calling Application.LoadLevel'''==
===Before the level loads===
Repeated once per active object, after the end of the current frame:
===Level loads===
===After level loads===
Repeated once per scene object:
*'''OnEnable''' ''(If the object is active)''
Repeated once per active DontDestroyOnLoad object from last level:
Repeated once per active object:
=='''When quitting'''==
For all active objects:
=='''Immediate events'''==
These are all called immediately when certain functions are called (e.g. Instantiate, setting enabled):
*'''Awake''' - called during MonoBehaviour instantiation
*'''OnEnable'''/'''OnDisable''' - OnEnable called during MonoBehaviour instantiation
*'''Reset''' - called when the script is reset ''(Editor Only)''

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