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Home base for projects under development for Unity that involve contributions from the wider Unity community.


Error Message Rosetta Stone

  • Rosetta - Translation Unity errors -> natural language].


  • Unitree - Automated placement and LOD billboarding of trees across entire landscapes. Funded in part by Eduweb for the WolfQuest learning game. Now a part of Unity 2.0's terrain system.

Ocean Shader Project

IDE Documentation

With the release of Unity 2.6, we now have a nice way of syncing to Visual Studio projects. This opens the door to some nice IntelliSense for both MonoDevelop and Visual Studio. What is still missing from the picture, is some inline documentation to go with it. That is the void, to which these packages fill. Currently only C# is supported, I'll make sure to come up with something when UnityScript comes to MonoDevelop/VisualStudio.

If anyone has any suggestions which are feasible (meaning the app has to have a method for inline docs), let me know (Reapazor) and I'll see about generating files for it. Or if Unity Technologies would be so kind as to give me some access I would love to make the official docs.

MonoDevelop Screenshot


Visual Studio Screenshot



Supports: MonoDevelop

As people do not like running "random" installers, I will tell you ALL that this installer does is move the compiled MonoDoc sources into the MonoDoc sources folder (located under /Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/....).

Mac Download


Supports: MonoDevelop, Visual Studio (2005,2008,2010)

This installer copies the MonoDoc sources into the sources folder, located under the Program Files\MonoDevelop folder, as well as puts the VS XML files into the Unity\Editor\Data\lib\ folder.

Win Download

Whirld Project

  • Whirld - A complete World system for Unity games

Community Project: FPS

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