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== Strumpy Shader Editor ==
== Strumpy Shader Editor ==
*[[Strumpy Shader Editor]] - A shader graph repository for the Strumpy Shader Editor.
*[[Strumpy Shader Editor]] - A shader graph repository for the Strumpy Shader Editor.
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Home base for projects under development for Unity that involve contributions from the wider Unity community.


Antares Project


  • Antares Project - Antares Browser & Addon is C# class package extending the functionality and capabilities

of Unity Editor, also adding certain auxiliary methods, in order to improve your project management and its code.

Error Message Rosetta Stone

  • Rosetta - Translation Unity errors -> natural language].


  • Unitree - Automated placement and LOD billboarding of trees across entire landscapes. Funded in part by Eduweb for the WolfQuest learning game. Now a part of Unity 2.0's terrain system.

Ocean Shader Project

IDE Documentation

Whirld Project

  • Whirld - A complete World system for Unity games

Community Project: FPS

Rouhee - Games SkyBuilder

  • RGS - A Cancelled Skybox Builder project.

SVN Integration

  • SVN Integration - A SVN integration in Unity that provide the usual SVN features inside Unity. Open source.

Strumpy Shader Editor

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