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[[Category: Utility Scripts]]
[[Category: C#]]
Author: Ward Dewaele (Roidz)
Author: Ward Dewaele (Roidz)
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== Link ==
== Link ==
[http://roidz.weebly.com/ Unity Custom InputManager]
[http://roidz.weebly.com/ Unity Custom InputManager 1.4]
[http://cinput2.weebly.com/ Version 2.x] can be found on the [http://u3d.as/content/roidz-software/c-input-2-0/2NP Unity Asset Store] or at the [http://cinput2.weebly.com/ cInput2 website]
== Legal Notice ==
== Legal Notice ==
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                                                                                   © Ward Dewaele (Roidz)
                                                                                   © Ward Dewaele (Roidz)
[[Category: Legacy]]

Latest revision as of 23:43, 14 November 2018

Author: Ward Dewaele (Roidz)

Special thanks to BLiTZWiNG & NCarter for help & testing.


[edit] Description

Custom inputmanager that allows you to change inputs from keyboard,mouse and joystick (including axes) on the fly. Unity's default inputmanager only allows you to change the inputs at start.

[edit] Usage

Go to the link and download the custom inputmanager. Extract the rar file with Winrar or a simular tool. This will extract a unity project folder that you can open in unity.

You can start using the script right away if you please or you can test the example scene first. The script is well commented and should be selfexplaining.

If you would still have problems/questions mail me at ward.dewaele@pandora.be

EDIT: as on version 1.4 everything goes a lot smoother now.

Import the inputmanager controller, and add a few lines of code to your script and it's working !

[edit] Link

Unity Custom InputManager 1.4

Version 2.x can be found on the Unity Asset Store or at the cInput2 website

[edit] Legal Notice

Although i tried to make sure this script works fine i am not liable for any damage resulting from use of this script/software.

Even this is completely free to use, this does NOT mean that you can resell it or claim as your own creation. Credits are not needed but welcome.

                                                                                  © Ward Dewaele (Roidz)
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