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=== Other ===
=== Other ===
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_game_engine Unity entry on Wikipedia]
*[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unity_game_engine Unity entry on Wikipedia]
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What is the UnifyWiki?

The UnifyWiki project is a site where you can expand your knowledge about Unity. It is meant for anyone to contribute, so if you know something we don't, go ahead and make a page about it. Learn more about how here. Make sure you read this as well.


Unity Technologies

Community sites

Users Group

Developers using Unity


Content that can be licensed and used

  • Arteria Gaming - Many packs available via "all-you-can-eat" yearly subscriptions
  • Cubix Studio - Human and weapon models for under $20.
  • Frogames - Content packs to prototype and make games with Unity3d.
  • Last Bastion Games - Script components available for licensing or development by contract.
  • Lies and Seductions Code and Assets - Scrips are freely (including commercial use) available under Apache 2.0 license and the most of assets under Creative Commons for non-commercial use.


link :

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