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Wiki Tutorials

External Links

  • Unity-Tutorials.com - In-depth, professional tutorials. Includes basic Unity (now for 3.0!), physics, particles, animation, 2D mechanics, modeling / rigging, saving games and input managers.
  • Basic Multiplayer DeathMatch Tutorials - It's a free basic course about programming of multiplayer games using Unity. If you know the basics of programming of "single" games, it's for you. Not for a total beginner.
  • Unity3D Obfuscator Unity3D Obfuscator is the only product providing professional means of protection against reengineering and unlicensed use of applications developed in the Unity 3D (2.*, 3.* )environment.
  • 3DBuzz.com Professional Video Training, Hundreds of Unity videos for all skill levels. 70 plus hours of free videos and home of the world's first online class in MMO game development also using Unity.
  • Walker Boys Studio Unity Training - A free Unity video training series for the Absolute Beginner (With the Artist and Designer in mind). Over a hundred videos (10 hours and counting) taking you step by step through Unity, the Tools, Workflow, JavaScript Language and Unity's Api.
  • Unity3DStudent A whole new way to learn Unity for beginners - pick up a few simple modules and challenge yourself to develop your skills. what are you waiting for?
  • Particle Effects - How to create decent particles in Photoshop and animate them in Unity.
  • Terrain Generation Tutorial Video - A video showing how to generate a terrain in World Machine 2 with a splatmap for textures, and then how to import it into unity using Tom's Terrain Tools.
  • 3dcognition.com - Video Tutorials and resources on Unity and 3ds Max by 3dcognition / Brad Strong.
  • m50 Youtube Tutorial Page - slightly more advanced tutorials on a variety of topics, from multi-player to AI to IO streams.
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