The Trees

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The Trees

  • you'll need the Vegetation 2-pass shader for these to look correct. Find it here!

--Yoggy October 24 2006

Green Ash version 2, 1960 triangles.

Web Player, 1.1 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.7 MB

Picture 2 183.jpg

--Boxy 11 October 2006

Sycamore version 3. Ignoring the in-game shading and lighting for now,
I'm submitting an fbx to determine whether its good enough.

Web player sample, 6.75mb.

Zipped fbx with textures, 4.8mb.

EDIT 11/10/06: Added trunk bump map and normal map to download.
EDIT 12/10/06: Added more geometry to the main trunk.
EDIT 19/10/06: Had to upload texures as Jpgs so I've added a separate alpha for leaves.

--Boxy 19 October 2006

Scots Pine (ish!).

Web player sample, 5.8mb.

Scots Pines x 3, 10.7mb


EDIT 21/10/06: Added dead branches to the main trees. Also added a young tree.

--Yoggy October 20 2006

Blue Spruce version 4 made with blender LSystem.

About 1700 triangles.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.9 MB


--Yoggy October 24 2006

Smallish Locust tree, 2300 triangles. I guess I need to cut it down some but it looks really nice as it is.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.9 MB


--Yoggy October 27 2006

Nice big maple tree. 2100 triangles but I am not worrying about that.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 3.3 MB


--Yoggy October 29 2006

Tall Cottonwood tree. It has 2300 triangles which is probably too many but I am going to say that it is ok because it is so big.

Web Player 1.6 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.6 MB


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