The Trees

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The Trees

  • you'll need the Vegetation 2-pass shader for these to look correct. Find it here!

--Yoggy October 24 2006

Green Ash version 2, 1960 triangles.

Web Player, 1.1 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.7 MB

Picture 2 183.jpg

--Boxy 11 October 2006

Sycamore version 3. Ignoring the in-game shading and lighting for now,
I'm submitting an fbx to determine whether its good enough.

Web player sample, 6.75mb.

Zipped fbx with textures, 4.8mb.

EDIT 11/10/06: Added trunk bump map and normal map to download.
EDIT 12/10/06: Added more geometry to the main trunk.
EDIT 19/10/06: Had to upload texures as Jpgs so I've added a separate alpha for leaves.

--Boxy 19 October 2006

Scots Pine (ish!).

Web player sample, 5.8mb.

Scots Pines x 3, 10.7mb


EDIT 21/10/06: Added dead branches to the main trees. Also added a young tree.

--Yoggy October 20 2006

Blue Spruce version 4 made with blender LSystem.

About 1700 triangles.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.9 MB


--Yoggy October 24 2006

Smallish Locust tree, 2300 triangles. I guess I need to cut it down some but it looks really nice as it is.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.9 MB


--Yoggy October 27 2006

Nice big maple tree. 2100 triangles but I am not worrying about that.

Web Player 1.2 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 3.3 MB


--Yoggy October 29 2006

Tall Cottonwood tree. It has 2300 triangles which is probably too many but I am going to say that it is ok because it is so big.

Web Player 1.6 MB

Zip with .obj and textures 4.6 MB


--Pete November 08 2006

A sappling and a pack of grass textures for use with the grass generator. There is a unity package as well as a unity project in the grass texture pack just in case you don't want to deal with setting it up. Also included in the pack are several psds you can layer to create different grass textures. One of Yoggy's leaf textures was modified for use on the tree and it was made with jmsoler's l-system.

Web Player with the sappling and grass 3.8 MB

Zip with grass only Unity assets and textures 21.7 MB

Zip with .blend and textures for the sappling, 1294 tris 3.4 MB


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