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Don't forget to sign your comments by typing --~~~~ after them (it will be automatically replaced by your name and the date).
I see various problems with the Javascript version that you've just added. The main concern is that you're setting the members of transform.rotation directly from values that you obtained by reading transform.eulerAngles. This is bad because transform.rotation is a quaternion, not a set of Euler angles. You're likely to see strange behaviour as a result. Even if you were setting transform.eulerAngles instead, it might not always work as expected due to the inherently unreliable nature of Euler angles. That's why the original script used Quaternion.LookRotation. Have you tested it to confirm that it's at least as reliable as the version you replaced?
It would also be better to select the axis you want to use with an enum instead of by comparing strings --NCarter 04:30, 7 August 2010 (PDT)
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