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Regarding the shader being named HullCover.shader instead of DepthMask.shader in the project. I can't fix this without making the project incompatible with the world at large. If anyone wants to fix this for me, please contact me in the IRC channel. --NCarter 12:51, 28 May 2006 (GMT)

Done, thanks to Sora. --NCarter 14:38, 28 May 2006 (GMT)

Texture addon

I wanted to do the same thing, but cut out the mask with a texture. This shader does just that:

<shaderlab> Shader "Masked/Mask" {

SubShader { // Render the mask after regular geometry, but before masked geometry and // transparent things.

Tags {"Queue" = "Geometry+10" }

// Don't draw in the RGBA channels; just the depth buffer

ColorMask 0 ZWrite On

// Do nothing specific in the pass:

Pass {} } } </shaderlab>

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