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Smultron (Unitron) highlights only the basic keywords of the languages Javascript and C#. This article shows how you can extend the editor to highlight and autocomplete (most) Unity keywords as well.


How to

  • Download Smultron 2.2.4 (or higher) and copy it into the Unity Engine folder (like Unitron) or into the Applications folder.
  • Select the Smultron package and right-click it. Choose "Show Package Contents".
  • Open the folder: Content -> Resources -> Syntax Definitions.
  • Copy the 2 files in into this folder. Make a backup of the the old files and then overwrite them with the new versions.
  • Launch Smultron.
  • Open the Preferences (Smultron -> Preferences).
  • In the General tab enable "Suggest automatically, ..." and disable "Include standard words".
  • Switch to Syntax Colours and enable Auto-complete.
  • Set the Syntax Colours, Text Colour, Background Colour and Background Colour of the Document list as you like it.

Now you have a useful autocompletion feature, and Unity keywords are highlighted in a different color to Javascript or C# keywords.

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