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Author: Ethan Vosburgh (with help from Joe ;)


Generates the 6 images necessary to create a Skybox in Unity.


You must place the script in a folder named "Editor" in your project's Assets folder for it to work properly.

The script will create a menu called "Custom/Render Skybox". When selected a dialog will pop up with a selection for the Transform you want to use as the origin point for the Skybox. Once the Transform is set hit "Render" and wait a few seconds, then Refresh the Project Pane and the 6 generated images will import into Unity in a folder named "Skyboxes". Be warned that each time you run this script it will overwrite previously generated images.

JavaScript - SkyBoxGenerator.js

#pragma strict
class SkyBoxGenerator extends ScriptableWizard
    var renderFromPosition : Transform;
    var skyBoxImage = new Array ("frontImage", "rightImage", "backImage", "leftImage", "upImage", "downImage");
    var skyDirection = new Array (Vector3 (0,0,0), Vector3 (0,-90,0), Vector3 (0,180,0), Vector3 (0,90,0), Vector3 (-90,0,0), Vector3 (90,0,0));
    function OnWizardUpdate()
        helpString = "Select transform to render from";
        isValid = (renderFromPosition != null);
    function OnWizardCreate()
        var go = new GameObject ("SkyboxCamera", Camera);
 =; = CameraClearFlags.Skybox; = 90;    = 1.0;
        go.transform.position = renderFromPosition.position;
        if (renderFromPosition.renderer)
            go.transform.position =;
        go.transform.rotation = Quaternion.identity;
        for (var orientation = 0; orientation < skyDirection.length ; orientation++)
            renderSkyImage(orientation, go);
        DestroyImmediate (go);
    @MenuItem("Custom/Render Skybox", false, 4)
    static function RenderSkyBox()
        ScriptableWizard.DisplayWizard ("Render SkyBox", SkyBoxGenerator, "Render!");
    function renderSkyImage(orientation : int, go : GameObject)
	go.transform.eulerAngles = skyDirection[orientation];
	var screenSize = 1024;
	var rt = new RenderTexture (screenSize, screenSize, 24); = rt;
	var screenShot = new Texture2D (screenSize, screenSize, TextureFormat.RGB24, false);; = rt;
	screenShot.ReadPixels (Rect (0, 0, screenSize, screenSize), 0, 0); = null;
	DestroyImmediate (rt);
	var bytes = screenShot.EncodeToPNG(); 
	var directory = "Assets/Skyboxes";
	if (!System.IO.Directory.Exists(directory))
	System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes (System.IO.Path.Combine(directory, skyBoxImage[orientation] + ".png"), bytes);   
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