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  • Built In Shaders - Here you can get all the shaders that are built into Unity... to work or learn from (Note: must log-in to the forum to see and download the file).
  • LayerShader - A terrain shader for masking two tillable textures.
  • AlphaSelfIllum - Textures object which is unaffected by light.
  • TextureAdditive - Colors a object with a additive texture.
  • SimpleAdditive - Colors a object with a single additive color.
  • BlendedFlatColor - Colors a transparent object, good for HUD objects.
  • BumpSpecModulate - Bump mapped shader that modulates between original texture color and "alpha color" based on alpha of main texture.
  • TexturedFont - Use this shader in place of the built in Text Shader for multicolored fonts instead of solid colored ones.
  • VegetationTwoPass - Great vegetation shader, renders opaque and then renders semitransparent.
  • VegetationVertexLit - Vertex-lit shader with no culling that is ideal for vegetation and other two sided polygon models.
  • UnlitAlpha - A non-backface culled, unilluminated, alpha tested shader which is suitable for sprites.
  • BlendedDecal - Suitable for superimposing alpha-masked textured markings onto the same plane as another surface.
  • WindowShader - Suitable for windows (the glass things in houses, not the darn Seattle company.)
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