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Physics Scripts

  • CollisionIgnoreManager - Script to manage ignoring collisions between groups of colliders.
  • ComplicatedRigidbodyControl - Attach a rigidbody to an arbitrary transform, or a method to make rigidbodies never overshoot.
  • DontGoThroughThings - Script that uses raycasting to avoid fast-moving objects going through obstructions.
  • DragObject - Similar to DragRigidbody (drag rigidbodies around with the mouse), but much more stable and with more direct control.
  • JiggleBone - Script to add secondary jiggle motion to bones (breast bounce dynamics, hair, etc)

Simulation Scripts

  • Compass - This script simulates a compass with North relative to the Z axis of a reference object
  • DayNightController - Implements a Day/Night cycle relative to the game world, with a World-Time clock, and optional Direcitonal Light control.
  • GameTime - This script rotates a directional light to match the rotation of the sun based on the system time.
  • GPS Global Positioning System - This script simulates a GPS device providing real world GPS locations based on a reference point
  • Gravity - Simulates body-to-body gravity (i.e. planetary gravity)
  • IMU Inertial Measurement Unit - This script simulates an IMU providing velocities and accelerations of the object it is attached to in the objects local frame.
  • OpenStreetMap for unity iPhone - A simple OpenStreetMap script for unity iPhone
  • SICK Laser Scanner - This script simulates the SICK LMS type planar laser scanner
  • Simple planetary orbits - Visually define the orbital path of one object around another fixed object, like a planet around the sun
  • sunLight - A script that rotates a directional light based on longitude/latitude.
  • Trajectory Simulation - Demonstrates simulating the trajectory of a launched object
  • WheelColliderSource - Source code based off the Unity3D WheelCollider and associated classes.

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