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  • NetworkView_Position_Sync - Network position interpolation, extrapolation, packet timestamp preservation and more in non-authoritative applications

WWW Scripts

  • CookieCutter - Access browser cookies from Unity web players.
  • CSVReader - Simple script to read CSV and TSV text files and output a 2D String array.
  • FeedMe - A simple XML "feed" displayer which uses TinyXmlReader
  • GetXMLHack - Get XML data into the web player using browser script instead of WWW() (which has been buggy for me!)
  • Json - Another JSON script
  • JSONParse - A robust, simple JSON Parser written in UnityJS.
  • MeshSerializer2 - Save Unity meshes to files for the Web, load them with WWW interface.
    • MeshSerializer - an old version of the same (simpler format, but larger file sizes)
  • MoreJSONScripts - Yet another JSON Script
  • PlayerPrefsx - ( Now obsolete in Unity 2.1) An extension to CookieCutter which allows you to save data in both standalones and cookies for the web without having to think about it.
  • Server Side Highscores - A complete tutorial for implementing a server side php script for storing high scores and how to post the scores to the server.
  • TextureBogusExtensions - lets you test a WWW texture to see if it is the "default error texture" Unity returns when the WWW result is not a valid texture.
  • UnityJsonFx - A fork of JsonFx that's been stripped down to work well in all Unity platforms.
  • UnityLitJSON - A fork of LitJSON that's been edited to work with Unity.
  • UnityObject - A nice & clean way to embed .unityweb in your web browser. Plugin Detection, Communication, Clean HTML
  • VersionCheck - A very basic version checker. This can be used to check if the version of the game the user is running is the latest, and if not, send them to a URL to download the latest.

Unity 1.x Networking Scripts

  • NetworkCursor - Serverless realtime networking. An example where one Unity instance controls another via a TCP/IP socket. Could be expanded to do many types of realtime networking.
  • Sender - Uses a Server to send data from the parent object to whatever is on the other end of the connection.
  • Server - TCP network host, based on NetworkCursor, but expanded to do more.
  • Simple TCP/IP Client - Server - This contains source code for C# that you can use to create a server for Windows and a DLL in C# that you can use with Unity
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