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  • Easy Fade In - Smoothly ramp up an AudioSource's volume over a given period of time.
  • Fading Audio Source - Audio source that fades between clips instead of playing them immediately.
  • JukeboxController - This is a simple jukebox-style audio manager that lets you load multiple sound clips and have them played/mixed on the fly. The intent was to gradually grow this class into something that would easilly allow crossfades, ducking, etc.
  • Loudness - Better control of AudioSource.volume and AudioListener.volume.
  • Sound Manager - a simple jukebox script with crossfading and event-driven music "interrupts".
  • Volume Slider - fade or increase a sounds volume smoothly over time
  • Mic Input- Get real-time data from the default input device.
  • OnCollideSound - Spawn a prefab (preferably a sound) if a collision is over a certain magnitude.
  • PlaySoundAtInterval - Plays a sound file at the specified intervals of time.
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