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(General Concepts)
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= General =
= General =
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== General Concepts ==
*[[AManagerClass]] - How to add easy access to a singleton class in a scene.
*[[AStarHelper]] - Textbook implementation of the A* pathing routine.
*[[BasicDataStructures]] - Discussion of the use of the data-structures available in Unity.
*[[BooMessenger]] - An efficient and simple to use messaging platform. Allows hierarchial grouping of message types.
*[[CoroutineScheduler]] - A coroutine scheduler implementation. Gain a better understanding of coroutines.
*[[CoUpdate]] - An alternative to Update which support yield instructions. Benefit from cleaner code.
*[[Executors_Framework|Executors Framework]] - A framework for multi-threading without getting a headache. (Warning: The Unity API is not thread-safe)
*[[CSharpEventManager]] - C# implementation of a messaging/notification system. Allows subscription to events without referencing their definitions.
*[[CSharpMessenger]] - Another C# messaging/notification system implemented using delegates and generics.
*[[CSharpMessenger Extended]] - C# messaging system using delegates and generics. Based on [[CSharpMessenger]] but has more error detection.
*[[FakeGizmoDemo]] - simple example of creating a fake Gizmo - a three-arrow axis, mouse-moveable, that can be applied to an object at Runtime, not just during editing. Also contains an example of Procedural Mesh Creation - using only code to create an in-game mesh object from vertices and triangles.
*[[JavascriptMultiDimArrays]] - Declare multi-dimensional arrays like int[,] or int[][] in JS (mostly obsolete in Unity 3.2, though still useful for jagged arrays)
*[[Lipis Runtime Gizmo]] - Update on Lipis Runtime Gizmo (works with Translation, Rotation, and Scale). Included C# code and corrected javascript code removing unity 3D reserved words in code.
*[[MessageRouter]] - subscription based messaging with delayed notification, delivery stages, message filtering, tagging, and receiver assertions
*[[NotificationCenter]] - Register scripts to receive and post notifications. Handles messaging across scripts without references to each other.
*[[SimpleRegex]] - How one might use regular expressions in Unity.
*[[SQLite]] - How to integrate SQLite into your project.
*[[ToggleGravity]] - How to toggle a property, in this case the global gravity setting, by the left mouse button.
== Utility Scripts ==
== Utility Scripts ==

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General Concepts

  • AManagerClass - How to add easy access to a singleton class in a scene.
  • AStarHelper - Textbook implementation of the A* pathing routine.
  • BasicDataStructures - Discussion of the use of the data-structures available in Unity.
  • BooMessenger - An efficient and simple to use messaging platform. Allows hierarchial grouping of message types.
  • CoroutineScheduler - A coroutine scheduler implementation. Gain a better understanding of coroutines.
  • CoUpdate - An alternative to Update which support yield instructions. Benefit from cleaner code.
  • Executors Framework - A framework for multi-threading without getting a headache. (Warning: The Unity API is not thread-safe)
  • CSharpEventManager - C# implementation of a messaging/notification system. Allows subscription to events without referencing their definitions.
  • CSharpMessenger - Another C# messaging/notification system implemented using delegates and generics.
  • CSharpMessenger Extended - C# messaging system using delegates and generics. Based on CSharpMessenger but has more error detection.
  • FakeGizmoDemo - simple example of creating a fake Gizmo - a three-arrow axis, mouse-moveable, that can be applied to an object at Runtime, not just during editing. Also contains an example of Procedural Mesh Creation - using only code to create an in-game mesh object from vertices and triangles.
  • JavascriptMultiDimArrays - Declare multi-dimensional arrays like int[,] or int[][] in JS (mostly obsolete in Unity 3.2, though still useful for jagged arrays)
  • Lipis Runtime Gizmo - Update on Lipis Runtime Gizmo (works with Translation, Rotation, and Scale). Included C# code and corrected javascript code removing unity 3D reserved words in code.
  • MessageRouter - subscription based messaging with delayed notification, delivery stages, message filtering, tagging, and receiver assertions
  • NotificationCenter - Register scripts to receive and post notifications. Handles messaging across scripts without references to each other.
  • SimpleRegex - How one might use regular expressions in Unity.
  • SQLite - How to integrate SQLite into your project.
  • ToggleGravity - How to toggle a property, in this case the global gravity setting, by the left mouse button.

Utility Scripts

  • Angle - Helper class to work with angles.
  • ArrayPrefs - Functions for saving and loading arrays of ints, floats, and strings using PlayerPrefs. (Made obsolete by ArrayPrefs2.)
  • ArrayPrefs2 - Faster and better than ArrayPrefs. Save/load Vector2, Vector3, Quaternion, Color as well as a bunch of different array types.
  • BoolPrefs - Adds GetBool and SetBool, which are missing from PlayerPrefs.
  • ComponentInstantiationUtility - Static C# class that allows you to instantiate pre-parented components as game objects with one easy line of code.
  • CustomRandom - C# Random number generator, when you must have a random number generator that works the same way on all platforms!
  • DeepCopy - Creates a deep copy of an array or hashtable.
  • deepSearch - Searches recursively from the parent down.
  • ExpandoObject - Create ECMAScript-style expando objects in Unity Javascript.
  • ExtRandom - An extension to the Unity class Random
  • FingerManager - Easily manage multi-touch phases for iPhone.
  • HexConverter - Functions for converting decimal colors to hexadecimal... and back.
  • HSBColor - This utility script provides a HSB color model in addition to Unity's built in RGB Color class.
  • Interpolate - Interpolation utility functions for easing, Bezier splines, and Catmull-Rom splines.
  • IsVisibleFrom - An extension method for checking if an Renderer is rendered by a specific Camera.
  • IPhoneToMouse - Replaces iPhoneInput commands with Input so you can use it in PC/Mac Version too.
  • LABColor - This utility script provides an LAB color model. Lab color is designed to approximate human vision and so it aspires to perceptual uniformity.
  • LanguageFilter - Removes badwords from strings using regular expressions.
  • LayerMaskExtensions - Extension class to add usability and easier debugging to LayerMasks.
  • Layers - A utility script for holding easily-accessible layers and easily creating masks.
  • Mathfx - This script contains a growing number of small and useful math functions (short for Mathf eXtended).
  • Matrix - A class for doing 3D matrix math against Vector3 objects.
  • MazeGenerator - Randomly generates a maze.
  • MD5 - Generate an MD5 hash for a string.
  • MeshCreationHelper - Helper to create a new mesh from some mesh's submesh.
  • MeshMerger - Draw a large number of meshes with a single draw call.
  • MeshSmoother - Deformation of a mesh by applying Laplacian/HC-Algorithm Smoother, also script for finding adjacent vertices in a mesh.
  • MeshSubdivision - Center and edge subdivision.
  • MetadataSystem - Mechanism for ciphered, compressed preferences and declarative metadata system with runtime overrides.
  • MetaMorph - MetaMorph is a Unity3d and Blender3d toolkit that allows mesh animation in Unity games using Blender shapekeys.
  • MixupGO - Flatten GameObjects and all attached components into a single object using duck typing in Unity Javascript.
  • ObjExporter - A simple utility class for exporting a mesh to an obj file.
  • ObjExporterColorUvs - Enhanced version of ObjExporter that also exports vertex color and multiple uvsets to an obj file.
  • ObjImporter - Import .obj files at runtime.
  • PlaySoundAtInterval - Plays a sound file at the specified intervals of time.
  • PolyContainsPoint - Like Rect.Contains, except instead of a rect, you can define any arbitrary polygon.
  • PolyOrderFixupOnImport - Replaces original polygon ordering in a mesh after possible unwanted optimizations by Unity.
  • PrintPolyCount - Prints total vertex and triangle count in the object hierarchy.
  • PropertyListSerializer - Loads and saves a .plist XML file to and from a hierarchical hashtable.
  • ReflectedObject - Reflects a target object, providing quick access by name to reading/writing its fields/properties, and calling its methods.
  • Set - A set data structure.
  • Shell - A replacement for the built-in shell function removed from Unity 1.6.1.
  • SimpleDictionary - Implements a simple dictionary-like object AND lets you save/load the dictionaries to text files.
  • Simple LOD Manager - Script to handle arbitrary number and distances for Level-Of-Detail in models
  • SpeedLerp - Replacements for Mathf.Lerp, InverseLerp, SmoothStep, etc. that are typically 1.5X faster or more. Also adds Vector2Lerp and SuperLerp.
  • Startup Manager - A singleton class that handles starting up scripts in a sorted order based on a priority variable
  • StringToValue - Functions for finding data within a string.
  • StringUtil - Word wrap and line count functions.
  • TextScanner - A utility class for parsing strings using std C sscanf format strings.
  • TextureDrawCircle - A function that draws circles inside a texture.
  • TextureDrawLine - A function that draws lines inside a texture.
  • TextureScale - Resize textures, while scaling the contents using either bilinear or point filtering.
  • TextureUtils - Functions for colorizing, masking, and merging textures at runtime.
  • TileSelector - An Inspector extension that creates a pop-up window to select a tile or a NxM group of tiles from a main tileset, for use in a sprite object.
  • TinyXmlReader - A class that reads XML text and parses it for use.
  • Triangulator - A utility class for splitting a 2D polygon into triangles.
  • UnitSphere - A collection of random unit vector generating functions. (C#)
  • Unity_Custom_Input_Manager - Allows you to change input configuration on the fly. Default inputmanager only allows you to change on start.
  • UnityPaint - A script to draw anti-aliased lines, brush strokes and vector lines on a texture.
  • UVTransfer - Editor script to transfer UVs between two models.
  • VertexInfo - Displays the vertex numbers of a mesh at the runtime.
  • XKCDColors - A collection of 948 color constants, from the xkcd color survey (C#).

Really Simple Scripts

  • 3DMenu - A simple main menu for 3d text in your scene
  • ConstantVelocity - Set a local velocity to an object (useful for missiles perhaps?)
  • Flashlight - Allows the switching on and off of a light in script.
  • UpdatePump - Register any method in any object to be called in one of Unity's update loops.
  • OnCollideExplode - Spawn a prefab (explosion) on collision, and remove the GameObject from the game.
  • OnCollideSound - Spawn a prefab (preferably a sound) if a collision is over a certain magnitude.
  • OnExplosionEffect - Give an explosive effect over an area.
  • OnMouseDown - Sends OnMouseDown messages on an iPhone.
  • PointerManager - Hides the mouse pointer when it is not in use.
  • SwitchCamera - Switches between cameras in your scene.
  • Teleporter - Teleport all objects from one place to another.

Code Snippets


Camera Controls

  • AspectRatioEnforcer - Force the screen to a desired aspect ratio, using letterboxing/pillarboxing as necessary.
  • CameraGradientBackground - A simple two-color gradient background for your camera.
  • CarSmoothFollow - A smooth car follow script that dampens height, rotation and velocity based distance.
  • CrossFade - Smoothly fade the view from one camera to another.
  • CrossFadePro - Smoothly fade the view from one camera to another, with motion in both cameras.
  • DreamWipe - Fade the view from one camera to another, with the wavy distortion seen with dream sequences or flashbacks
  • FadeInOut - Fade a full-screen image in or out, good for fade in outs.
  • Floating Origin - Translates everything so that the camera stays at the origin to resolve spatial jittering in large scale games.
  • FlyThrough - A basic fly through camera movement like the one within the editor.
  • Headbobber - Make an object bob up and down smoothly when you're pressing one or both of the horizontal/vertical axes.
  • KeyboardOrbit - Tweaked version of the MouseOrbit script that allows keyboard control (or whatever is bound to the "Horizontal" and "Vertical" axes)
  • KeyboardCameraControl - A C# script allowing various configurations for keyboard camera control. Also handles left keyboard modifiers (Alt,Ctrl,Shift)
  • MinimapCamera - This script can be attached to a camera to provide some basic minimap functionality such as zooming and a full-screen toggle.
  • MouseCameraControl - A C# script allowing various configurations for mouse camera control. Also handles left keyboard modifiers (Alt,Ctrl,Shift)
  • MouseLookPlus - A javascript mouselook with key control. based on the standard assets C# mouselook.
  • MouseLookPlus2 - A modification of MouseLookPlus to allow for moving and strafing the camera.
  • MouseOrbitImproved - Improved version of the original MouseOrbit script. Zooms with the mousewheel and uses linecast to make sure that object isn't behind anything.
  • MouseOrbitZoom - A camera that combines orbiting zooming and panning, initially set up to mimic the 3dsMax camera controls.
  • MultipleCameraSwitcher - A script that allows you to switch between different cameras in your scene. Supports four camera views that can be toggled with a button.
  • OffsetVanishingPoint - Sets the vanishing point of a camera to an arbitrary position.
  • RectangleWipe - Make an animated rectangular zooming screen wipe from one camera to another.
  • ScreenWipes - Base script used by CrossFade, CrossFadePro, DreamWipe, RectangleWipe, ShapeWipe, and SquishWipe.
  • ShapeWipe - Make an animated screen wipe, where an arbitrary shape containing the second view zooms in or out, and rotates.
  • SmoothFollow2 - This is designed to make a camera smoothly follow a ship in space.
  • SmoothFollowWithCameraBumper - Based on SmoothFollow2, this features a bumper mechanism to prevent the camera from going through
  • SmoothFollowAdvanced - Based on SmoothFollow2 & SmoothFollowWithCameraBumper, this features a design capability and controller input.
  • SmoothLookFrame - Looks at a target but tries to keep another target within the camera's view.
  • SmoothMouseLook - Modified version of MouseLook.cs script included in Unity's Standard Assets. It moves the camera with an easing effect.
  • SquishWipe - Make an animated screen wipe from one camera to another, where the first image is squished out of view.
  • StaticBackground - Use a static image as the background to your 3d scene.
  • TouchLook - Use the iOS touches to rotate the camera

Character Controller Scripts

  • A* Pathfinding - An A* pathfinding-system for out-of-the-box pathfinding in Unity.
  • AimDownSights - An expansion script for the FPSWalker that smoothly animates aiming down the sights of an attached gun model.
  • Biped Parts Finder - Editor script for search simplification of parts of a biped body.
  • Click To Move - Moves an object towards the mouse position when the Left Mouse Button is clicked
  • ClickCharacterController - Uses Locomotion to move a character to the point the Left Mouse button is clicked
  • DoubleJumpController - A hack for the 2d gameplay tutorial character controller script, it allows the character to make a second jump when jumping, or make a little jump when falling.
  • Finite State Machine - A simple Finite State Machine framework to control NPCs.
  • Force2D - Constrain a GameObject to move in two dimensions.
  • FPSWalkerEnhanced - Adds features to standard FPSWalker, such as sliding down slopes, falling damage, and walk/run modes
  • Gesture_Recognizer - A math based gesture recognition script.
  • GridMove - A controller for character movement typically seen in old-school 2D RPGs and strategy games.
  • HeadLookController - A component that can be used to make a character look towards a specified point in space, smoothly turning towards it with for example the eyes, head, upper body, or whatever is specified.
  • JCar - A car using wheel colliders.
  • KeyCombo - A class that can be used to detect fighting-game style combos.
  • LookAtMouse - Cause an object to rotate toward the cursor, along the y axis.
  • Pathfinding - [Old] A pathfinding-system using raycasting to avoid obstacles
  • PhysicsFPSWalker - Another physics based fps walker script.
  • RigidbodyFPSWalker - An physics based FPS walker that works with rigidbodies and thus is affected by forces, joints or other rigidbodies
  • SeekSteer - A class that can be used to move an object to follow a loose path of waypoints
  • ShipControls - Place this script on a RigidBody for 2D spaceship controls like OverWhelmed Arena.
  • SimpleTankController - A script that emulates simple tank movement.
  • VariableSpeedFPSwalker - An FPS walker script having different speeds for walking forward, strafing, and back-pedalling.
  • WaypointMaster - Implementation of A* algorithm, based on waypoints.

Animation Controllers

  • AniMate - Script to quickly and easily create animations/tweens of almost any value and including eased, rigidbody and rotation animation.
  • AnimationStepSync - Repositions object after animation ends - useful for positioning via animations.
  • iTween - Focusing on the established solutions and frameworks of projects such as TweenLite, Tweener, and other tweening systems, iTween is a battle-tested solution for streamlining production in the Unity3D environment.
  • MoveObject - Basic functions for when you just need to move something from point A to point B, or rotate by a given number of degrees, without anything fancy.
  • Tween - An adaptation of the Tweener class of FLASH for unity.


Graphical User Interface Scripts

  • AutoType - Automaticly types a string of text typewriter style.
  • Box_Script - Use this system to easily make simple GUI elements in nice looking boxes with buttons that actually do something useful. All generated at runtime from a MenuStyle.
  • Button - Use this script on a guiTexture object for regular push buttons that send a message when clicked.
  • Custom_2D_Pointer - Make a custom pointer that changes shape at the edges of the screen.
  • Custom Mouse Pointer - Make a custom pointer that and draw it over OnGUI Elements.
  • CustomScrollView - Helper-class that implements a scrollview where you can explicitly hide/show the scrollbars. Done with two nested groups
  • DraggableGUIElement - Click and drag on GUITexture or GUIText to move it around the screen.
  • DragSlider - Use this script with a pair of GUITextures to make a functioning slider.
  • DMGInput - Passthrough for the Input.GetMouseButton* functions that will allow you to ignore clicks on registered GUI Rects. (Ex: Click on GUI, and not on the object behind in the scene.
  • Fade - General routines that allow fading of GUITextures or materials (including GUITexts) from anywhere, both in and out and using either alpha or colors, with optional easing.
  • FadeIn - Allows you to show/hide a GUIText or GUITexture when pressing a key/button.
  • ForwardAllMouseEvents - Send mouse events to some sort of controller type GameObject.
  • GetTimeString - A simple function that can be placed anywhere and used to display times. Useful for racing games.
  • GUIBuilder - Generic classes for easing the pain of GUI creation. (BETA)
  • GUIFly - Use this script on an object to make it respond to a "Fly" message so that it may move on and off the screen in a pleasing manner.
  • GUIHelpers - a simple static class for helpers, AlignRect to start.
  • GuiRatioFixer - Use on a GUIText / GUITexture object to automatically adjust aspect ratio
  • GuiRatioFixer2 - Alternate script based on screen's aspect to use on a GUIText / GUITexture object to automatically adjust aspect ratio
  • GUIScaler - Automatically scale a GUITexture with the screen size / resolution
  • GUITextField - A wrapper for GUI.TextField / GUILayout.TextField that implements focussing, allowing text to be "committed" only when the field is unfocussed (very useful for networking code).
  • MainMenu - Shows how delegation works in C# in order to switch between different menus on the fly easily
  • ObjectLabel - Makes a GUIText label follow an object in 3D space. Useful for things like having name tags over players' heads.
  • ScaledRect - A static class that formats Rect values and rescales them based on output screen resolution, handy for dynamically scaling all OnGUI elements.
  • ScreenShotMovie - Captures a screenshot sequence for use when making a movie
  • SplashScreen - Fade a splash logo in, wait for a certain interval, then fade out, while the next level is loaded.
  • TakeScreenshot - Captures sequentially numbered screenshots when a function key is pressed.
  • Timer - Attach to a GUIText object to create a fade-able timer.
  • ToggleButton - Extends the Button class to create a toggle button.

Unity 2.0 GUI Scripts

  • Blinking Text Entry Cursor - Make your cursor blink on input fields
  • CustomGetMouseButtonDown - custom wrapper functions for Input.GetMouseButton(Down) which can be modified to block clicks when over a window
  • DrawLine - Draws a line in the GUI (makes up for the severe lack of an equivalent function in the GUI class).
  • DropDownList - A hierarchy based drop down list that works like the Hierarchy window in Unity.
  • FileBrowser - Implement a crude file browser.
  • GUICam - Holds GUIRect a rectanle of camera pixelRect in GUI oriented co-oridinates (0,0) is top left
  • GUIExtensions - A library of GUI extensions to fill in some missing gaps. Notably: TextArea that auto-selects on focus.
  • GUIx - extended GUI functions
  • ImprovedFileBrowser - A much better file browser.
  • ImprovedSelectionList - A list of elements that can be selected and optionally double-clicked
  • IOSTextField - Text fields for iOS with specialized keyboard configurations
  • Marquee - Creates a scrolling label that moves from left to right across the screen.
  • PasswordField - Allows the user to type in a field masked by *'s (or any other character) [Unity has this built-in now. Leaving it as an example of more complex widget construction, but shouldn't be preferred for actual usage.]
  • PauseMenu - Standard pause menu used by Fugu Games for web players and widgets
  • PopupList - A button that pops up a selectable list when clicked
  • Position To Rect - Convert a GUITexture position to Rect (GUI coordinates)
  • SelectList - A list of elements of which one can be selected.
  • WithPrefs - Functions that change values and modifies preferences in one simple step

Heads Up Display Scripts

  • FramesPerSecond - Use this script on a GUIText object to display FPS counter.
  • MessageDisplayer - Use this script on a GUIText object to have a self-disappearing list of status messages.
  • MessageList - Create a list of timed self-fading messages.
  • Radar - Use this script on a GameObject to display a radar.

Editor GUI Scripts

  • EditorGUIExtension - Some extensions to make coding the GUI for utilities/custom inspectors easier.
  • TransformInspector - Reverse engineered version of the Unity 3 Transform component inspector. Makes extending the default inspector much easier.
  • Custom Inspector Inspector - (snippet) Show a control for editing the custom inspector within the inspector itself. Handy while writing one.
  • Element Table Representation - A custom control that lets you display data structs in a table with editable elements.
  • WithProgressBar - A stunningly easy way to throw a real progress bar on... almost anything. Extends IEnumerable "with a progress bar".


General Purpose Effect Scripts

  • 3D Physics Based Rope - Creates a rope using physics and the TubeRenderer (Use included modified code).
  • Animating Tiled texture - A texture made of many tiles animated through setting the uv offsets
  • Animating Tiled texture - Extended - Use one animation cell-sheet texture for many animations and skins.
  • Animated Color Procedural Texture - A simple script to make limitless number of textures based on 2d graphs
  • CameraFacingBillboard - Use this script on a billboard or similar object to make it align itself with the camera.
  • CameraRenderSettings - Allows storing seperate render settings per camera - an extended version of the Fog Layer script above.
  • Character Shadow - Cast shadows from an object! (requires Unity Pro)
  • DoFAutoFocus - An autofocus component for the Pro Depth of Field (DoF) Imageeffect (C#)(Pro).
  • Flickering Light - Adds flickering effect to Light object. Flicker styles are Campfire and Fluorescent.
  • Flocking - A flocking script with randomness and target following.
  • Fog Layer - Lets you determine per camera if fog should be enabled or disabled
  • LineRenderer Rope - Creates a rope using physics and the LineRenderer component.
  • LookAtCameraYonly - Use this script on a billboard or other object to have it face the camera but only rotate on the Y axis.
  • MeleeWeaponTrail - A smoothed TrailRenderer meant for melee weapons of animated 3d models. Based on TimeBasedTrailRenderer.
  • MarchingSquares - MarchingSquares (2D Surface Reconstruction)
  • MeshMorpher - A Mesh Morpher script with scripting API
  • MetaBalls - 3D Metaballs
  • MorphTargets - Improved MeshMorpher script with multiple blendable targets
  • Noise Library - LibNoise ported to Unity. Perlin, Multirigged Fractal, Voronoi, Billow
  • Open Source Particle System - A custom particle system that exposes particle movement deltaTime among other things.
  • OptimizedTrailRenderer - Started from Yoggy's trail renderer above, this one updates every frame and is built for one-time use.
  • Particle Spiral Effect - Particle effect script for creating spirals, whirlpools, galaxies, etc.
  • Perlin Noise - Noise functions for smoothly moving objects around or anything else
  • ReverseNormals - Reverses normals & back face culling of a mesh
  • Scrolling UVs - C# script that smoothly scrolls a material's UVs in an arbitrary direction. Supports arbitrary material names and material indices.
  • SetRenderQueue - Sets the render queue for transparency sorting on an object or all of its children.
  • Shadow Volumes in Alpha - Shadow volume based shadows (requires Unity Pro)
  • Skinned Morph Targets - A set of scripts for morphing skinned meshes, including support for animating blend shapes together with skeletal animation.
  • SoftBodies - Cloth, Springy Noodles, Jello Blocks, etc..
  • StopEmittingAfterDelay - After a configurable delay, particles will fade naturally, then finally the object will get destroyed with autodestruct.
  • Spline Controller - Interpolates any GameObject along a user-defined spline
  • SVG - Render SVG Files.
  • TextureMask - A simple shader for masking off areas of a texture.
  • Texture swap animator - Feed it a bunch of textures and it will cycle through them. Useful for simple animations not on a texture atlas.
  • TubeRenderer - LineRenderer too flat? Make it a tube instead.
  • TimeBasedTrailRenderer - The Built in trail renderer does not fade its segments based on the time they have been alive. This one does.
  • Trail Arc Renderer - Designed for melee trail swings, this creates a trail using Catmull-Rom spline interpolation
  • Underwater Script - Simple underwater effects script. Works with indie!
  • VectorLine - Renders a 2D vector line with an arbitrary width, color, and number of segments (requires Unity Pro)

Image Postprocessing Effects

These scripts require Unity Pro.

  • BloomEffect (OBSOLETE) - Sometimes referred to as "glow", use this effect to make bright parts in your scene bleed. This script is made obsolete by the GlowEffect shipped with Unity 1.5.
  • BoostColors - A very simple and fast way to boost the contrast of saturation of the graphics in your game.
  • InvertCamera - A simple script that will invert everything rendered by a camera.

Physics / Simulation

Physics Scripts

  • CollisionIgnoreManager - Script to manage ignoring collisions between groups of colliders.
  • ComplicatedRigidbodyControl - Attach a rigidbody to an arbitrary transform, or a method to make rigidbodies never overshoot.
  • DontGoThroughThings - Script that uses raycasting to avoid fast-moving objects going through obstructions.
  • DragObject - Similar to DragRigidbody (drag rigidbodies around with the mouse), but much more stable and with more direct control.

Simulation Scripts

  • Compass - This script simulates a compass with North relative to the Z axis of a reference object
  • DayNightController - Implements a Day/Night cycle relative to the game world, with a World-Time clock, and optional Direcitonal Light control.
  • GameTime - This script rotates a directional light to match the rotation of the sun based on the system time.
  • GPS Global Positioning System - This script simulates a GPS device providing real world GPS locations based on a reference point
  • Gravity - Simulates body-to-body gravity (i.e. planetary gravity)
  • IMU Inertial Measurement Unit - This script simulates an IMU providing velocities and accelerations of the object it is attached to in the objects local frame.
  • OpenStreetMap for unity iPhone - A simple OpenStreetMap script for unity iPhone
  • SICK Laser Scanner - This script simulates the SICK LMS type planar laser scanner
  • Simple planetary orbits - Visually define the orbital path of one object around another fixed object, like a planet around the sun
  • sunLight - A script that rotates a directional light based on longitude/latitude.
  • Trajectory Simulation - Demonstrates simulating the trajectory of a launched object
  • WheelColliderSource - Source code based off the Unity3D WheelCollider and associated classes.


  • NetworkView_Position_Sync - Network position interpolation, extrapolation, packet timestamp preservation and more in non-authoritative applications

WWW Scripts

  • CookieCutter - Access browser cookies from Unity web players.
  • CSVReader - Simple script to read CSV and TSV text files and output a 2D String array.
  • FeedMe - A simple XML "feed" displayer which uses TinyXmlReader
  • GetXMLHack - Get XML data into the web player using browser script instead of WWW() (which has been buggy for me!)
  • Json - Another JSON script
  • JSONParse - A robust, simple JSON Parser written in UnityJS.
  • MeshSerializer2 - Save Unity meshes to files for the Web, load them with WWW interface.
    • MeshSerializer - an old version of the same (simpler format, but larger file sizes)
  • MoreJSONScripts - Yet another JSON Script
  • PlayerPrefsx - ( Now obsolete in Unity 2.1) An extension to CookieCutter which allows you to save data in both standalones and cookies for the web without having to think about it.
  • Server Side Highscores - A complete tutorial for implementing a server side php script for storing high scores and how to post the scores to the server.
  • UnityLitJSON - A fork of LitJSON that's been edited to work with Unity.
  • UnityObject - A nice & clean way to embed .unityweb in your web browser. Plugin Detection, Communication, Clean HTML
  • VersionCheck - A very basic version checker. This can be used to check if the version of the game the user is running is the latest, and if not, send them to a URL to download the latest.

Unity 1.x Networking Scripts

  • NetworkCursor - Serverless realtime networking. An example where one Unity instance controls another via a TCP/IP socket. Could be expanded to do many types of realtime networking.
  • Sender - Uses a Server to send data from the parent object to whatever is on the other end of the connection.
  • Server - TCP network host, based on NetworkCursor, but expanded to do more.
  • Simple TCP/IP Client - Server - This contains source code for C# that you can use to create a server for Windows and a DLL in C# that you can use with Unity


  • JukeboxController - A very basic jukebox class. This can be used to manage multiple audio clips across different levels.
  • Loudness - Better control of AudioSource.volume and AudioListener.volume.
  • Sound Manager - a simple jukebox script with crossfading and event-driven music "interrupts".
  • Volume Slider - fade or increase a sounds volume smoothly over time


Debugging Scripts

  • AllocationStats - Utility for showing how much memory your application has allocated.
  • DetectLeaks - a simple GUI script for displaying the amount of objects currently loaded by type
  • DebugConsole - A script to allow scrolling feedback from your scripts.
  • DebuggerX - A simple javascript singleton that allows you to send debug to the console or the GUI
  • DrawArrow - builds upon Debug.DrawRay() to add arrowheads at the tip
  • NUnit - de-facto standard for unit testing in .NET
  • Profiler - a simple c# script for profiling the performance of scripts, based on tags
  • Reporter - a simple delayed action system info script that could be used for support purposes
  • UUnit - a Simple xUnit framework that can be run inside Unity.
  • SharpUnit - a unit testing framework adapted from UUnit but written in C#. Can also be run inside Unity3D.
  • TestStar - full featured editor extension inspired by UUnit/SharpUnit. Uses NUnit to provide assert syntax. (non free)

Performance Scripts

  • CombineChildrenBones - Similar to MeshMerger, this script combines MeshFilter meshes into a single skinned mesh and then tracks transform changes
  • CombineSkinnedMeshes - A Script that allows to combine multiple skinned meshes to just one SkinnedMeshRenderer. Useful for Avatar System!
  • SkinMeshCombineUtility - Script to work with CombineSkinnedMeshes.
  • SpriteManager - A script that allows many independently-moving 2D sprites to be drawn using a single draw call. This is particularly useful to increase iPhone performance.
  • StaticPerformanceOptimization - A script that optimizes performance statically based on the users graphics card by dropping terrain resolution and quality settings

Editor Scripts

  • AddChild - Adds an empty GameObject as a child of each selected object.
  • AddComponentRecursively - Adds a component to an object, and all the children of that object.
  • AssetPathPrinter - Prints to console and copys to clipboard asset paths for all selected project window items
  • AutoMeshCollisionCreator - Automatically convert mesh from 3D Package into Mesh Collider on Import.
  • AutoSave - Editor script for automatic saving the scene and assets with an interval.
  • Bake Material to Texture - Allows to bake complex materials into a single texture. Can be useful for converting assets from Desktop to Mobile (Pro Only)
  • BoxColliderUtilities - Allows to scale or rotate BoxColliders side-aligned
  • BuildAssetBundlesFromDirectory - Creates Asset Bundles from all files in a Directory (Pro Only)
  • Camera view window - Shows the rendered image of any camera that has this script on, the window is displayed inside the scene view.
  • CopyTransform - Copies the local transform of the selected game instance in the scene and then pastes it into another one you select.
  • CountLines - Count all the files and lines in your project
  • CreateGameObjectLocal - Creates a new empty GameObject under the active GameObject (GameObject in the Inspector). Has Undo, menu shortcut and a prefab disconnection warning.
  • CreatePrefabFromSelected - Creates a prefab containing the contents of the currently selected game object.
  • Create project directories - Simple script which creates various directories under your Assets folder, best used when creating a new project.
  • DeleteComponentsInChildren - Helps to delete a special type of components which are attached to the children of the selected Gameobject.
  • DeleteMyPlayerPrefs - Deletes playerprefs for the editor via a menu item
  • EdgeAlignerTool - A tool to align one or more edges of the AABB of a selected game object to those of the AABB of another selected game object
  • EncloseTerrain - A simple script to enclose your terrain in a wall.
  • ExportNormalmap - Exports the normalmap generated from a grayscale texture.
  • ExportOBJ - Wraps the Utility script ObjExporter.cs (above), adding File/Export/Wavefront OBJ menu item.
  • ExportVisualStudio - Creates Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010 projects. Designed for minimal friction for non-techy people.
  • Expose_properties_in_inspector - Small script collection which exposes properties ( get/set accessors ) in the inspector.
  • FbxAnimListPostprocessor - Import a list of splitted animations for FBX 3D models.
  • FindObjects - Find objects by name or attached component type.
  • GetBBox - Find the bounding box of the selected game object (including any children)
  • GetSize - Get the size in game units of a selection.
  • HeightmapFromGridFloat - Applies the selected GridFloat file (topo data from USGS seamless server) as a heightmap to the active terrain.
  • HeightmapFromTexture - Applies a selected texture as a heightmap to the active terrain.
  • HierarchyFastHide - Makes list in window of game objects that have Mesh Renderer and adds toggle for user to turn it on and off. In Alpha State, but working with some limitations.
  • HierarchySelectObject - Editor script that automatically selects and scrolls to the desired gameObject in the hierarchy window.
  • InsertParent - An alternative to the built-in Make Parent command, this script inserts a new GameObject which becomes the parent of all selected objects.
  • InvertSelection - Inverts the editors hierarchy selection
  • iPhoneTextureImportSettings - iPhone specific script to change texture import settings for multiple textures at once.
  • Layer Search - Search objects in the scene by Layer.
  • LoadSceneAdditive - Loads a selected scene into the current scene. Good for copying scenes.
  • Mac App Store PostProcessor - Post Processing Build Script to auto-sign and auto-package your game for the Mac App Store.
  • Macros - Execute arbitrary code snippets.
  • MassMaterialEditor - Affect the some settings of the RenderSettings and Materials of selected objects simultaneously.
  • MassSetMaterials - Sets the materials of all selected objects simultaneously.
  • Mesh2Collider - Use an external 3D app to model and place primitive colliders.
  • MoveToOrigin - Moves the selected GameObject(s) to (0, 0, 0).
  • MultipleObjectsToLayer - an editor utility that lets you move multiple selected objects into a layer at the same time.
  • New Skybox Generator - Generates Skybox by rendering 6 images and combining them with skybox material. Select multiple scene objects to render Skyboxes from multiple locations. (Pro Only)
  • Normalize - Normalize terrain
  • Notes - Allows you to add notes to any GameObject.
  • Object2Terrain - Convert a standard mesh object to a Unity terrain.
  • OpenVisualStudioProject - Open the current visual studio project (To launch Express).
  • PixelLightMapper - A pixel based light mapper for Unity.
  • RaiseHeightmap - Raises or lowers the entire terrain by a specified amount.
  • REPL - Editor panel that lets you interactively edit and run C# code.
  • SaveFontTexture - Saves auto-generated bitmaps that Unity makes from vector fonts as .png files so they can be edited externally
  • SceneDumper - Dump information about the scene to a text file.
  • CreateScriptableObjectAsset - Easily create an asset file of a ScriptableObject-inheriting class instance in Unity's intuitive style.
  • SelectByComponent - Selects all gameobjects in the scene which have the declared component type attached.
  • SetGOFlags - Set or Clear 'Static', 'Active', 'Cast Shadow', 'Receive Shadow' on selected objects (and their children)
  • Skybox Generator - Generates the 6 images necessary to create a Skybox in Unity. (Pro Only)
  • SnapToGrid - Snaps objects to a grid in 3 dimensions.
  • Take3DScreenshot - Take a "3d screenshot"; a series of screenshots captured while rotating around a given object. Useful for QTVR creation.
  • TerrainImporter - Imports heightmaps and splatmaps from terrain applications.
  • TerrainObjExporter - Exports Unity terrain objects as .obj files.
  • TerrainPerlinNoise - Generates the terrain heights from a perlin noise function. **Warning: Uses Unity's undocumented Mathf.PerlinNoise() function. This may not work past Unity version 2.6.1**
  • TextureImportSettings - Editor script to change texture import settings for multiple textures at once.
  • ToggleActiveRecursively - Activates/deactivates entire hierarchies at once.
  • ToggleActiveRecursivelyAllGameObjects - Activates/deactivates entire hierarchies at once and for all selected game objects.
  • TransformUtilities - Includes tools to Align objects, copy, randomize and add noise to their transforms.
  • WorldUVs - UV maps meshes in world space, allowing textures in separate meshes to seamlessly line up with each other.
  • UPPEditor - PlayerPrefs-file-editor. Allows you to view and edit UPP files within Unity.
  • UnityAssetXrefs - Selects all reverse dependencies for the current selection in Project or Scene.

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