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SVN Integration in Unity

Get the latest version by doing a svn checkout on the repository with the URL below:

The code is open source following the MIT license as seen in the repository. Installation instructions etc are also to be found in the repository.


SVN Window

  • A status window giving an overview of local files modified, deleted, conflicted etc.
  • A line of SVN commands for committing, reverting etc. selected files
  • Simple conflict handling
  • Dependency check and a suggestion to add dependencies as well

GameObject in inspector

  • Display SVN status of selected resource
  • Lock or bypass lock for selected resource by hotkeys, CTRL+L or CTRL+K
  • Make a prefab resource readonly if the SVN lock is not acquired

SVN inherent features

  • Branching and merging of project
  • Ability to restore a project that crashes Unity


  • Unity Pro
  • Commandline SVN client already installed (Mac OSX have one installed by default)

Known bugs and limitations

  • The integration does not include a method to enter a login and password, so make sure it is cached by making a checkout or update from another SVN client first.
  • It is not supported to move folders inside Unity because right now that will result in a nested repository. So move the files to a new folder instead.
  • Some types of conflicts like tree-conflicts are not handled


Anyone interested in helping with the development contact me. Especially the GUI classes could use some love.

Contact: kristian.kjems+UnitySVN(at)

Example Screenshot


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