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Author: Frank McPherson


This plugin uses the QuickTime library to play a movie back to a Unity texture. If the movie contains sound, the sound should stay synchronized with the video. Interactive features of QuickTime are not supported - this is for in-order playback only. Using this (or any) C++ plugin requires Unity Pro.


I've provided a number of downloads for this example. The first download contains the full Unity project with the simple example assets. I've stored this one elsewhere since it's larger than the current 256KB file size limit.

The second download contains the XCode and Visual Studio projects and I used to build the plug-in.

When the texture script is attached to a GUITexture, the approach we're taking on our current project, you can get the movie to play right side up by making the Pixel Inset Y Min greater than the Y Max.

When the texture script is attached to a primitive object, you can flip the movie rightside up by attaching a material and changing the Position->Y Scale to -1. Thanks to NCarter for the suggestion on that one.


Unity Project with Assets & Library

XCode and Visual Studio projects to build the plug-in

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