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Using Layers

  1. To keep your textures as editable as possible, create layer groups for each type of texture map such as Color, Emissive, Bump, etc. A common use for this would be to put the solid colors for the object on one layer and dirt and grime, etc on its own layer in the same group.
  2. When each texture group is ready, turn the visibility of the other groups off, and save in a lossless format (psd or tiff).

Creating Maps for Unity Shaders

Unity uses in shaders like Specular, a double map: the RGB channeles controls de Difuse, and the Alpha channel controls the Specular.

Usually the Specular Map is based or similar to the Difusse.

To generate the Specular map:

  1. Open the Channel windows
  2. Duplicate one of the RGB channels
  3. Rename to Alpha 1
  4. Edit it (if neccesary)
  5. Save in .psd or .png format.
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