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This script can be attached to a camera to provide some basic minimap functionality such as zooming and a full-screen toggle. It should be noted that this was developed to work in combination with a standard TPS view and AI pathfinder, so if you wish to use it in other contexts, it will require some tweaking.

Developed by stringbot. Feel free to update/improve/fix the code and add yourself to this line.


This script should be attached to a Camera GameObject. After this, the correct values need to be set in the inspector. You'll also need to configure two inputs: a "MinimapToggle" button and a "Mouse Wheel" axis.

  • Target: The object to track.
  • Scroll Sensitivity: How fast to move in and out whilst zooming.
  • Max Height: How high the camera can go above the target.
  • Min Height: The closest that the camera can get to the target.
  • Rotate With Target: Should the map rotate when the target does?


None that I'm aware of. Feel free to correct me here!

JavaScript - MinimapCamera.js

<javascript>// Target for the minimap. var target : GameObject;

// Default height to view from. private var height : int = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MinimapCameraHeight");

// Is the map currently open? static var mapOpen : boolean = false;

// How much should we move for each small movement on the mouse wheel? var scrollSensitivity : int = 3;

// Maximum and minimum heights that the camera can reach. var maxHeight : int = 80; var minHeight : int = 5;

// Should the minimap rotate with the player? var rotateWithTarget : boolean;

// Where the action is :D function Update () {

// If the minimap button is pressed then toggle the map state. if(Input.GetButtonDown("MinimapToggle")) { toggleMinimap(); }

// Update the transformation of the camera as per the target's position. transform.position.x = target.transform.position.x; transform.position.z = target.transform.position.z; // For this, we add the predefined (but variable, see below) height var. transform.position.y = target.transform.position.y + height;

// If the minimap should rotate as the target does, the rotateWithTarget var should be true. // An extra catch because rotation with the fullscreen map is a bit weird. if(rotateWithTarget && !mapOpen) { transform.eulerAngles.y = target.transform.eulerAngles.y; }

// Get the movement of the mouse wheel as an axis. // Needs configuring in your project's input setup. var mw : float = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Wheel");

// If the value is positive, add the height as defined by the sensitivity. // Also, save the height to player prefs in both cases with the call to saveHeight(). if(mw > 0 && height < maxHeight) { height += scrollSensitivity; saveHeight(); } // Opposite for negative, just sub the value instead. else if(mw < 0 && height > minHeight) { height -= scrollSensitivity; saveHeight(); }


// Function to open/close the minimap. function toggleMinimap() { if(!mapOpen) { // Set the camera to use the entire screen. camera.rect = Rect (0,0,1,1); // Update the global so other scripts can know. mapOpen = true; // Unlock the cursor for proper point/click navigation. Screen.lockCursor = false; // Update the relevant PlayerPref key, could be useful for persistence. // PlayerPrefs.SetInt("mapOpen",0); } else { // Set the camera to use a small portion of the screen. camera.rect = Rect (0.8,0.8,1,1); // Update the global so other scripts can know. mapOpen = false; // Lock the cursor for TPS control. Screen.lockCursor = true; // Update the relevant PlayerPref key, could be useful for persistence. // PlayerPrefs.SetInt("mapOpen",1); }

// Debug print the current state of the map. print("mapOpen = " + mapOpen);


// Method to store the height of the camera as a PlayerPref. function saveHeight() { PlayerPrefs.SetInt("MinimapCameraHeight",height); }</javascript>

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