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What is it?

It is a Toolkit written by artist for artists. The purpose is helping artists out in create 3D Assets. It helps translate all necessary from Maya to Unity so need not to handle with file node and shader more inside Unity, a What you see in Maya IS What you get in Unity. It (will) supports:

  • Maya basic shader: lambert, blinn, phong with Diffuse map, Normalmap, Transparency map and Specular map.
  • A very strong Bake Tool and Workflow: Render with your favorite GI engine: Vray, MentalRay and only need ONE click to bring them all to Unity with minimum efforts and Best Quality. Especially using the Exposure map technique.
  • Animation name sequence: Setup your sequence name and get in Unity.
  • Camera and Camera animation path.
  • More Setting for Maya light bring to Unity.


The Toolkit, was firstly just an Baking Tool for my method of combination Lightmap and Exposure map to bring the life and reality to model in game. However, It was later develop into a ToolKit for handling Maya attribute and translation into Unity.


  • May 06: The research of supporting Floating image in Unity to handle exposure problem
  • May 07: Exposure map was introduced with a simple shader to handle it. The requirement for a Tool to automatically bake these kind of map and translate lightmap into Unity.
  • May 10: Help from ToreTank from mIRC #Unity3D with hint about OnPostprocess function.
  • May 11: First line of Maya Toolkit was written.
  • May 12: Start working on Unity Script
  • May 20: The Toolkit finish 60% with handling for static mesh, automatically translate lambert, blinn, phong with diffuse map, transparent map, normal map and specular to ready for reading from Unity. It is also supported for basic physics type.

In the same day, an Editor script in Unity is finished to handle data transfer from Maya.


Bake Tool

Render Option

Physics Option

Animation Setup

Development and To do List


  • Setup animation name
  • Correct the Hierchary
  • Camera path
  • Light setting


Editor Script

  • Waiting for new shader before updating.


  • Specular Shader: support specular map .
  • Bumped Specular Shader: support specular map.
  • Transparent/Specular: support specular map (a specular texture)
  • Transparent/Bumped Specular Shader: support texture map.
  • Lightmapped/Diffuse: Support Exposure map and Opacity map. A modified shader of Lightmapped/Diffuse support Exposure map could be find here. However it needs more works to finish all.
  • Lightmapped/Diffuse Bumped: Support Exposure map and Opacity map.
  • Lightmapped/Specular: Support Exposure map, Opacity map, Specular map.
  • Lightmapped/Diffuse Bumped: Support Exposure map, Opacity map, Specular map.
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