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Welcome to the Snippet Wiki

The Snippet Wiki is part of the Unify Web experience and is a place to find and share Unity scripts, wizards, etc. Special thanks to Aarku, Dh0, NCarter, Fryer, Outcast and others.

Character Controller Scripts

General Concepts

  • AManagerClass - example on how to add easy access to a singleton class in a scene.

General Purpose Effect Scripts

  • StopEmittingAfterDelay - After a configurable delay, particles will fade naturally, then finally the object will get destroyed with autodestruct.

Graphical User Interface Scripts

  • Button - Use this script on a guiTexture object for regular push buttons that send a message when clicked.
  • GuiRatioFixer - Use on a guiText/guiTexture object to automatically adjust aspect ratio

Heads Up Display Scripts

Wizards -- These go in the Assets/Editor folder in your project.

  • PlaceSelectionOnSurface - Takes the current selection and raycasts downward from each object and moves them to where they hit.

Go to User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

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