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<b>Heads Up Display Scripts</b>
<b>Heads Up Display Scripts</b>
*[[MessageDisplayer]] - Use this script on a [ GUIText] object to have a self-disappearing list of status messages.
*[[MessageDisplayer]] - Use this script on a [ GUIText] object to have a self-disappearing list of status messages.
<b>Image Postprocessing Effects (require Unity Pro)</b>
*[[BloomEffect]] - Sometimes referred to as "glow", use this effect to make bright parts in your bleed.
<b>Sound Scripts</b>
<b>Sound Scripts</b>

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Welcome to the UnifyWiki

The UnityWiki is part of the Unify Web experience and is a place to find and share Unity knowledge. Special thanks to Aarku, Dho, NCarter, Freyr, Outcast and others.

Please see the discussion page of the main page for current goals and status. Please visit Help:Contents for general guidelines before you begin adding.

Visit User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

We're currently working on 849 articles about Unity and its surrounding subjects.

To create a new page, type in a title for your page in the URL bar after the "index.php/" like "index.php/NewArticle" then edit that page. It is a good idea to copy someone else's work onto your page at first to learn the layout etc.

Script Archive

Camera Controls

  • Headbobber - This script makes an object bob up and down smoothly when you're pressing one or both of the horizontal/vertical axes.

Character Controller Scripts

Debugging Scripts

  • DebugConsole - A script to allow scrolling feedback from your scripts. (Was DebugGUIController)

General Concepts

  • AManagerClass - example on how to add easy access to a singleton class in a scene.
  • ToggleGravity - example how to toggle a property, in this case the global gravity setting, by the left mouse button.

General Purpose Effect Scripts

  • CameraFacingBillboard - Use this script on a billboard or similar object to make it align itself with the camera.
  • LookAtCameraYonly - Use this script on a billboard or other object to have it face the camera but only rotate on the Y axis.
  • Mathfx - This script contains a growing number of small and useful math functions. (Short for Mathf eXtended)
  • StopEmittingAfterDelay - After a configurable delay, particles will fade naturally, then finally the object will get destroyed with autodestruct.
  • Perlin Noise - Noise functions for smoothly moving objects around or anything else

Graphical User Interface Scripts

Heads Up Display Scripts

Image Postprocessing Effects (require Unity Pro)

  • BloomEffect - Sometimes referred to as "glow", use this effect to make bright parts in your bleed.

Sound Scripts

  • JukeboxController - A very basic jukebox class. This can be used to manage multiple audio clips across different levels.

Shader Archive

  • Built In Shaders - Here you can get all the shaders that are built into Unity... to work or learn from (Note: must log-in to the forum to see and download the file).
  • LayerShader - A terrain shader for masking two tillable textures.
  • AlphaSelfIllum - Textures object which is unaffected by light.
  • TextureAdditive - Colors a object with a additive texture.
  • SimpleAdditive - Colors a object with a single additive color.
  • BlendedFlatColor - Colors a transparent object, good for HUD objects.
  • BumpSpecModulate - Bump mapped shader that modulates between original texture color and "alpha color" based on alpha of main texture.
  • TexturedFont - Use this shader in place of the built in Text Shader for multicolored fonts instead of solid colored ones.
  • VegetationTwoPass - Great vegetation shader, renders opaque and then renders semitransparent.
  • VegetationVertexLit - Vertex-lit shader with no culling that is ideal for vegetation and other two sided polygon models.
  • UnlitAlpha - A non-backface culled, unilluminated, alpha tested shader which is suitable for sprites.
  • BlendedDecal - Suitable for superimposing alpha-masked textured markings onto the same plane as another surface.
  • WindowShader - Suitable for windows (the glass things in houses, not the darn Seattle company.)

Tips Archive

3D Application Tips

  • 3dApps - Which 3D applications are compatible with Unity.
  • Blender - Some critical tips for using Blender with Unity.
  • Maya - Tips and tricks for using Maya with Unity

2D Application Tips

Audio Application Tips

Unity Tips

  • Customized Packaging - How to customize the Unity packaging process, which occurs after a build.
  • Font Creation - An Adobe Illustrator template file to help create font textures.
  • Window Layout - Shows how to achieve three tall columns and a horizontally split view.
  • VRAM tips - Chart of texture compression sizes in VRAM

General Tips

Wizard Archive

These scripts go in the Assets/Editor folder of your project and require at least version 1.2 of Unity.

GameObject Manipulation

  • TakeScreenshotInEditor - Takes a screenshot of the current game view and places it in the root level of your project. Does not overwrite files.
  • PlaceSelectionOnSurface - Takes the current selection and raycasts downward from each object and moves them to where they hit.
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