IPhone Optimization Tips

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  • Ragdolls make the game significantly slower. Give the player the option to use ragdolls or not.
  • Skinned Mesh Renderer:
    • Set Quality to 1 Bone
    • Uncheck Skin Normals
  • Set iPhone Script Call Optimization to “Fast but no Exceptions”. Naturally, set it to “Slow and Safe” during debug.
  • Don’t play new compressed music at the middle of the game, it freezes the game for a short duration. Play it at scene initialization instead.
  • Remove most (or all) lights from your scene. Use baked lighting instead.
  • In Project Settings > Time: Set Maximum Allowed Timestep to 0.1 bringing the game’s framerate to at least a guaranteed 10 fps minimum, assuming your bottleneck is coming from the physics. Use the profiler to find out where your bottleneck is.
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