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[[Category: Camera]]
[[Category: MonoBehaviour]]
[[Category: Javascript]]
Author: Joachim Ante
This script lets you enable and disable fog per camera.
For changing more render settings, see [[CameraRenderSettings]]
Attach the script to the camera you want to have fog enabled or disabled.
Then click on the enabled checkbox in the title of the inspector to turn fog on or off for this camera.
==Javascript- FogLayer.js==
This script lets you enable and disable per camera.
By enabling or disabling the script in the title of the inspector, you can turn fog on or off per camera.
private var revertFogState = false;
function OnPreRender () {
revertFogState = RenderSettings.fog;
RenderSettings.fog = enabled;
function OnPostRender () {
RenderSettings.fog = revertFogState;
@script AddComponentMenu ("Rendering/Fog Layer")
@script RequireComponent (Camera)

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