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These extensions, or plugins, allow you to add special features to your unity projects without the hassle of writing them yourself from the ground up.

There are two kinds of plugin: those containing only .NET code and those which contain binary code.

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Native Code Plugins

Native code plugins can be written in many languages, including C and C++. A Unity Pro licence is required to use these plugins. This kind of plugin can only be used in the editor and in standalone builds. The web player is prevented from using them for security reasons.

The Unity documentation outlines how native code plugins are made here.

Cross-Platform Plugins

  • QTPlayback - Play any QuickTime movie to a texture with synchronized sound.
  • UniWii - Use Wiimotes as input devices.

Mac OS X Only Plugins

  • AudioInput - Use AudioInput.Volume to provide microphone or other audio input to your Unity projects.
  • HtmlTexturePlugin - Display an HTML page as a texture, for use on a mesh or in a GUI.
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