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Author: Daniel Brauer, Adrian



This script uses raycasting to avoid the physics engine letting fast-moving objects go through other objects (particularly meshes).


v1.1 (Boo):

  • Added "Switch To Layer" convenience option to move the game object to a given layer and remove that layer from the layer mask (the original layer is restored if used together with "Time to Live").
  • Added "Time to Live" option to automatically destroy the script after a given time to reduce raycasts and instances.
  • Moved initialization to an Init method to make the script more usable if added through script.


Attach the script to any object that might move fast enough to go through other colliders. Make sure that the LayerMask does not include the layer of the object the script is attached to, otherwise the object will collide with itself. Leave Skin Width at 0.1 unless the object still passes through other colliders. If this happens, increase the skin width until the issue stops or you reach a value of 1.0.

JavaScript - DontGoThroughThings.js


  1. pragma strict

var layerMask : LayerMask; //make sure we aren't in this layer var skinWidth : float = 0.1; //probably doesn't need to be changed private var minimumExtent : float; private var partialExtent : float; private var sqrMinimumExtent : float; private var previousPosition : Vector3; private var myRigidbody : Rigidbody; //initialize values function Awake() {

  myRigidbody = rigidbody; 
  previousPosition = myRigidbody.position; 
  minimumExtent = Mathf.Min(Mathf.Min(collider.bounds.extents.x, collider.bounds.extents.y), collider.bounds.extents.z); 
  partialExtent = minimumExtent*(1.0 - skinWidth); 
  sqrMinimumExtent = minimumExtent*minimumExtent; 


function FixedUpdate() {

  //have we moved more than our minimum extent? 
  if ((previousPosition - myRigidbody.position).sqrMagnitude > sqrMinimumExtent) { 
     var movementThisStep : Vector3 = myRigidbody.position - previousPosition; 
     var movementMagnitude : float = movementThisStep.magnitude; 
     var hitInfo : RaycastHit; 
     //check for obstructions we might have missed 
     if (Physics.Raycast(previousPosition, movementThisStep, hitInfo, movementMagnitude, layerMask.value)) 
        myRigidbody.position = hitInfo.point - (movementThisStep/movementMagnitude)*partialExtent; 
  previousPosition = myRigidbody.position; 


Boo -

(See Script Compilation as for how Boo scripts can be used from JavaScript and C#). <boo>import UnityEngine

  1. DontGoThroughThings v1.1
  2. Created by Adrian on 2008-10-29.
  3. Original Script by Daniel Brauer

class DontGoThroughThings (MonoBehaviour):

# ---------------------------------------- # # PUBLIC FIELDS

# Layers the Raycast checks against # The game object of this script should not be on # a layer set in this mask or it will collide with itself. public layerMask as LayerMask = System.Int32.MaxValue

# How far the object is set into the object it # shoud have collided with to force a physics collision # (Should probably be fine at 0.1 and must be between 0 and 1) public skinWidth as single = 0.1

# Move the game object to this layer and remove # the layer from the layer mask. This is a convenience # feature to make sure the game object doesn't collide # with itself. (set to -1 to disable) public switchToLayer as int = -1

# Time in seconds before the script destroys itself # after it has been created or initialized. # Convenient to protected the game object only for # a critical time to avoid useless raycasts. # (set to -1 to disable) public timeToLive as single = -1

# ---------------------------------------- # # PRIVATE FIELDS

private startTime as single

private originalLayer as int = -1

private minimumExtent as single private partialExtent as single private sqrMinimumExtent as single private previousPosition as Vector3

private myRigidbody as Rigidbody

# ---------------------------------------- # # METHODS

# Initialize the script on awake. def Awake(): Init(timeToLive, switchToLayer)

# Initialize method to be used when adding # this component from a script. def Init(ttl as single, layer as int): # Switch layer of game object if (layer >= 0): originalLayer = gameObject.layer gameObject.layer = layer switchToLayer = layer # Clear the layer in the layer mask layerMask = layerMask.value & ~(1 << gameObject.layer)

# Time to live if (ttl >= 0): startTime = Time.time timeToLive = ttl

# Initialize variables myRigidbody = rigidbody previousPosition = myRigidbody.position minimumExtent = Mathf.Min(Mathf.Min( cast(single,collider.bounds.extents.x), cast(single,collider.bounds.extents.y)), cast(single,collider.bounds.extents.z)) sqrMinimumExtent = minimumExtent ** 2 partialExtent = minimumExtent*(1.0 - skinWidth)

# Collision checking def FixedUpdate(): # Check time to live if (timeToLive > 0 and Time.time > startTime + timeToLive): # Restore original layer if (originalLayer >= 0): gameObject.layer = originalLayer Destroy(self) return

# Only check for missed collisions if the game object moved more than its minimum extent if (myRigidbody and (previousPosition - myRigidbody.position).sqrMagnitude > sqrMinimumExtent): movementThisStep = myRigidbody.position - previousPosition movementMagnitude = movementThisStep.magnitude hitInfo as RaycastHit if (Physics.Raycast(previousPosition, movementThisStep, hitInfo, movementMagnitude, layerMask.value)): # Move rigidbody back to right before the collision was missed myRigidbody.MovePosition( hitInfo.point - (movementThisStep / movementMagnitude) * partialExtent)

previousPosition = myRigidbody.position</boo>

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