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From the official dim3 inspire web site:

"Inspire is a general purpose mesh animation tool branched off of dim3 Animator. While Inspire continues to fully support dim3, it also aims to be helpful to the rest of the Mac development community. Inspire can be used as part of your dim3 installation, or it can be used all by itself!
Inspire adds powerful new features such as automated bone generation, intuitive tools and user interface improvements, support for both Wavefront Object and Alias FBX exportation (for seamless integration with modellers such as Cheetah3D, Cinema4D, Maya and even other game creation applications like Unity), Macromedia Flash exportation, and much more!
And the best part is Inspire is free, so what are you waiting for? Download dim3 Inspire now!

The documentation on dim3 inspire is sparse, although there is a tutorial on automatic rigging at: www.littlegenerals.com/inspire/tutorials/abg/

Importing assets into Unity

You can import meshes from 3D modellers into dim3 inspire as Wavefront obj files or as fbx files. To use the animations in Unity, you should save as fbx file in the your asset folder.

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