Comparison of Basic Instructions of Programming Languages

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Basic instructions of the three high-level programming languages offered by Unity (JavaScript, C#, and Boo) are compared here.

Conventions of This Article

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The following tables compares technical information of the Unity programming languages. See also the Comparison of Programming Languages for general information.

Language Boo C# UnityScript/JavaScript
Integer Type Identifiers
8 bit (byte) Signed sbyte N/A
8 bit (byte) Unsigned byte N/A
16 bit (short integer) Signed short short N/A
16 bit (short integer) Unsigned ushort N/A
32 bit Signed int int N/A
32 bit Unsigned uint N/A
64 bit (long integer) Signed long long N/A
64 bit long integer) Unsigned ulong N/A
Floating Point Type Identifiers
Single Precision single float N/A
Double Precision double double Number
Arbitrarily precise (bignum) decimal

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