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[[Category: C Sharp]]
[[Category: Utility]]
[[Category: Color]]
[[Category: HSB]]
Author: Jonathan Czeck (aarku)
This script provides a helper function to tie in with [[HSBColor]] that will let you slerp between two Unity Colors.  The slerp function provides much more pleasing visual results than Color.Lerp.
Put this script in a file in /Plugins/Colorx.cs so that it may be callable by JavaScript.  Additionally, there is a helper class called [[HSBColor]] that this relies on.  This script, Colorx.cs, provides a quick helper function to slerp between two Colors, which gives much more visually pleasing results than Color.Lerp.
==Unity Package==
Download the attached package and import it into one of your projects.
<span class="dangerousLink">[[|]]</span>‎
==C# - Colorx.cs==
<csharp>using UnityEngine;
public class Colorx
    public static Color Slerp(Color a, Color b, float t)
        return (HSBColor.Lerp(HSBColor.FromColor(a), HSBColor.FromColor(b), t)).ToColor();

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