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Author: Keli Hlodversson


This script lets you change render settings per camera. This is an extended version of Joe Ante's Fog Layer script which allows enabling and disabling fog on different cameras.


Attach the script to the camera you want to have fog enabled or disabled. Then modify the render settings in the inspector instead of changing the global render settings.

Javascript- CameraRenderSettings.js

<javascript> /*

This script lets you change all render settings per camera.
  • /

// Public variables -- set these in the inspector var fog = RenderSettings.fog; var fogColor = RenderSettings.fogColor; var fogDensity = RenderSettings.fogDensity; var ambientLight = RenderSettings.ambientLight; var haloStrength = RenderSettings.haloStrength; var flareStrength = RenderSettings.flareStrength;

// Private variables -- used to reset the render settings after the current camera has been rendered private var _global_fog = RenderSettings.fog; private var _global_fogColor = RenderSettings.fogColor; private var _global_fogDensity = RenderSettings.fogDensity; private var _global_ambientLight = RenderSettings.ambientLight; private var _global_haloStrength = RenderSettings.haloStrength; private var _global_flareStrength = RenderSettings.flareStrength;

function OnPreRender () {

   // Save global render state:
   _global_fog = RenderSettings.fog;
   _global_fogColor = RenderSettings.fogColor;
   _global_fogDensity = RenderSettings.fogDensity;
   _global_ambientLight = RenderSettings.ambientLight;
   _global_haloStrength = RenderSettings.haloStrength;
   _global_flareStrength = RenderSettings.flareStrength;
   // Set local settings:
   RenderSettings.fog = fog;
   RenderSettings.fogColor = fogColor;
   RenderSettings.fogDensity = fogDensity;
   RenderSettings.ambientLight = ambientLight;
   RenderSettings.haloStrength = haloStrength;
   RenderSettings.flareStrength = flareStrength;


function OnPostRender () {

   // Restore global settings:
   RenderSettings.fog = _global_fog;
   RenderSettings.fogColor = _global_fogColor;
   RenderSettings.fogDensity = _global_fogDensity;
   RenderSettings.ambientLight = _global_ambientLight;
   RenderSettings.haloStrength = _global_haloStrength;
   RenderSettings.flareStrength = _global_flareStrength;


// Reset the component to revert to the current global settings function Reset () {

   fog = RenderSettings.fog;
   fogColor = RenderSettings.fogColor;
   fogDensity = RenderSettings.fogDensity;
   ambientLight = RenderSettings.ambientLight;
   haloStrength = RenderSettings.haloStrength;
   flareStrength = RenderSettings.flareStrength;


@script AddComponentMenu ("Rendering/Per Camera Render Settings") @script RequireComponent (Camera) </javascript>

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