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[[Category: Wizard]]
[[Category: ScriptableObject]]
[[Category: Javascript]]
[[Category: Selection]]
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Author: Daniel Brauer
This editor script adds the option to add a component to an object and all its children. It checks for existing components, so no duplicates will be added.
Place this script in ''YourProject/Assets/Editor'' and the menu items will appear in the GameObject menu once it is compiled. Please note that you have to push return after entering the name of the component, otherwise it will not be registered when you push Add.
==JavaScript - AddComponentRecursively.js==
<javascript>class AddComponentRecursively extends ScriptableWizard {
var componentName : String = "";
@MenuItem ("GameObject/Add Component Recursively...")
static function AddComponentsRecursivelyItem() {
ScriptableWizard.DisplayWizard("Add Component Recursively", AddComponentRecursively, "Add", "");
//Main function
function OnWizardCreate() {
var total : int = 0;
for (var currentTransform : Transform in Selection.transforms) {
      total += RecurseAndAdd(currentTransform, componentName);
if (total == 0)
Debug.Log("No components added.");
Debug.Log(total + " components of type \"" + componentName + "\" created.");
function RecurseAndAdd(parent : Transform, componentToAdd : String) : int {
//keep count
var total : int = 0;
//add components to children
for (var child : Transform in parent) {
total += RecurseAndAdd(child, componentToAdd);
//add component to parent
var existingComponent : Component = parent.GetComponent(componentToAdd);
if (!existingComponent) {
return total;
//Set the help string
function OnWizardUpdate () { 
    helpString = "Specify the exact name of the component you wish to add:";
// The menu item will be disabled if no transform is selected.
@MenuItem ("GameObject/Add Component Recursively...", true)
static function ValidateMenuItem() : boolean {
  return Selection.activeTransform;

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