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I am a web developer with a strong experience in PHP, Javascript, Symfony, Magento, Jquery. I also have experience in the following Programing language: C#, Java, AS3 (Flash and Flex), C++

As for my professional experience: I've work for 2.5 to year (09-2010 to 04-2013) for a company that administrate imobile, developing an internal application that manage financial information about our customers. The application was initial develop using an internal framework and after some time we start developing the new parts and refactoring some of the old staff using the Symfony framework. Currently I am employed on a company where along with other colleges we develop a new way that people will experience e-commerce activity. As our developing platform we use Magento.

I am also passionate about game developing, and in im free time I start learning all what is needed to develop my own MMORPG using Unity3D Game Engine.

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