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I'm an indie developer and long time Unity user (since 3.2). Most of my games are on GameJolt: but I've also worked as the lead graphics/audio programmer for The Universim:

Looking for freelance work as a graphics programmer primarily, doing custom shaders and effects, but I'm also a general purpose programmer (mainly controls/procedural generation, though I've got some experience with almost anything). If you're interested please contact me through LinkedIn or Twitter, as I don't want to post my email here for spam/security reasons ;)

My magnum opus was the interactive demo for The Universim (did it all by myself in a week), which featured cinematic camera shots of a procedurally generated planet (which I wrote most of the code for). All the shaders were me, as well as any audio implementation, and the camera controls. You can get it on Steam: or though IndieDB: A video is available here:

Twitter Account: LinkedIn profile:

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