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Mostly worked as Director and Lead Artist on many animation and game projects.

At Animax had experience directing a 35+ crew of character animators for 3d animated TV series and worked on the pre-animation phase like scenario writing/editing, storyboard and voice over and on pre-rendering phase: finishing the movie on previews of character animations and final editing.

As the owner of DC Creative realtime Solutions company and CGL- Cigal Gorsel Animation Studios developed realtime projects and animaton production for TAI, Meteksan, TRT and many advertisement agencies. Also had experience on full production for real/3d animated movies from start to finish.

Worked and Freelance contracted on Tv ads, Product Visualization, Game and simulation and also worked on games like Yuppies in Flames(unpublished AA Title), developed small games like SudokuDo and also some small advergame projects.

Specialties:3D Character Animation Directing, movie editing, Feel, Style &Lighting, Warm Colors and Balance, Technical working and development planning,Game design, UI design, Art integration workflow, Techical Art workflow design

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