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Designer / Programmer / Cofounder Birdcage Games LLC.

Cofounded Birdcage Games, a mobile independent game development company.

Designer: Spellaround - iOS Word placement game. Designed over 70 levels for a mobile game similar to banagrams

Programmer: Leaping Labs - Android Dock Dogs tracking application using the AWS elastic beanstalk stack.

Contract Programmer Dejobaan Games LLC.

1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)

I wrote a music analysis plugin in cross platform C++ called BeatBox. It takes in a wav file (or other uncompressed audio format) and outputs the exact frame each beat lands on. It also analysis and categorizes the mood of the song based on energy and stress values. It does this based on a user selected window. The output is a json file that is used by the procedural content generator to make the levels of the game.

Booz Allen Hamilton Lead Associate Booz Allen Hamilton

Interactive Media Solutions: Lead a team of 15 programmers, designers, and artists. Managed projects worth a cumulative value of over $2M. Featured as a Unity serious games showcase development studio

Serious Games: Designer / Programmer: NAVY Keep What You Earned (KWYE) program. Designed and programmed a game to teach naval soldiers responsible drinking habits. Designer: Patton Museum game. Turn based stragety game to show museum goers the decision making process of General Patton during WWII Programmer: DIA Learning games Programmer / Interface Designer: NDU Games

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