Explosion Sculptures
experimental  l-system  unity 

[070704] Explosion generator created for the Unify Community Explosivo contest.

A novel aproach introduced in this article was used for the layout and expansion of the explosion. The technique is based on L-systems and fractal tree growing algorithms to simulate the expanding gasses of an explosion. Alpha blended particle rendering was choosen to give the explosion more volume as additive/multiplied particles tend to look a bit flat.

Parameters controlling the explosion are exposed and listed to the left. The parameters are:

Branch Count - Initial Number of branches
Branch Count Multi - Multiplier for the branch count applied for each iteration
Max iterations - Max number of iterations (branch splits)
Branch Life - How long a branch lives and grows
Life Random - Life Randomnes
Life Multi - Multiplier for Branc Life applied for each iteration
Branch Force - How fast the branch grows
Branch Direction x,y,z - Initial growing direction of branch
Branch Dir Rnd Angle - Random angle offset from growing direction
Branch Dir Rnd Multi - Multiplier for the Random growing angle applied for each iteration.
Branch Gravity x,y,z - Branch gravity
Particle Min Size - Particle Minimum Size
Particle Max Size - Particle Maximum Size

To change the parameters of the explosion simply click the corresponding line and drag the mouse up and down.